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Famous People

Michael Scanlan was born in Castlemahon in 1833 and died in 1917. During the Great Famine, when Michael was fifteen years old, he left with his family for America. Scanlan worked in a number of different jobs in America before joining the State Department in Washington, where he became the Chief of the Bureau of Statistics.

Together with other Irish emigrates, he founded a paper called "The Irish Republic" in 1867. This paper was the mouthpiece of the Fenian organisation. Michael was a renowned writer and poet. He wrote the following poem, which Limerick historian Mainchín Seoighe described as 'the great anthem of the [Fenian] movement' in his book "County Limerick - its people and places".

See who came over the red-blossomed heather,
Their green banners kissing the pure mountain air;
Heads erect, eyes to front, stepping proudly together,
Sure Freedom sits throned on each proud spirit there.
Down the hills twining
Their blessed steel shining.
Like rivers of beauty that flow from each glen,
From mountain and valley
Tis Liberty's rally -
Out and make way for the bold Fenian men!

One of the leaders in the 1916 Rising, Con Colbert was born in Monalena in Castlemahon.

Feohanagh is known throughout the country for their skills on the hurling field. One family in particular deserves recognition - the Quaids. An earlier generation of the Quaids, Jim and Jack played for the county team. Their sons carried on the tradition and presently Joe Quaid (son of Jim) is the goalkeeper of the senior team. Before Joe took over the No.1 jersey, his cousin the late Tommy Quaid (son of Jack) was the county goalkeeper for 18 years. During this time, Tommy won many honours in the game including an All-Star Award in 1992.

Now in Sydney, Bishop David Cremin is originally from the townland of Ballydoorty in the parish of Mahoonagh. Bishop Cremin is the Auxilary Bishop to his Eminence Cardinal Sir James Freeman, Archbishop of Sydney.

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