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Glenroe Church

Glenroe Church
© Glenroe Church

The present church in Glenroe was built in 1830-2 during Fr Darby Buckley's term as parish priest. Before this church was built, people used to go to mass in Abbey and prior to that again mass was held in Darragh. However, the church used was not the church ruin that exists in Darragh today, but was in fact another church situated nearby. The present church in Glenroe was renovated about 10 years ago and was reopened in 1990 by Bishop Jeremiah Newman and Fr Michael Lane P.P.

The altar at Glenroe Church
© The altar at Glenroe Church

Inside the church there is a plaque to the memory of Richard Power, who was parish priest from 1865 until his death on December 12th, 1877. The parishioners together with a few of his clerical friends erected this plaque. There is also a plaque in memory of Liam Cranuic who died November 18th, 1917.

Fr Lee, a native of the parish, donated the altar in the 1920s. A number of the church seats were donated by parishioners in memory of their deceased relations or dedicated to certain saints. When the church was renovated, a new entrance was opened, and now a holy water font marks the old entrance to the church. Joanna and Helena Moore donated this font.

Buried in the grounds of the church are:

  John Conway, P.P. 1926 - 1931, Died Aug. 30 1931, Aged 58
  Christopher Halpin, P.P. 1932 - 1937, Died March 18 1937, Aged 59
  Robert Ambrose, P.P. 1905 - 1926, Died April 8 1926
  Canon Andrew O'Keeffe, Plymouth, Died July 22 1990
  Canon Michael McSweeney, Plymouth, Died November 20 1990, aged 78
  Michael O'Reilly (a native of the parish), P.P. Farnmouth, Cornwall, Died August 31 1936, Aged 69

Glenroe Church | Ballyorgan Church | Church Ruins

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