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English Name Irish Name Meaning
Ardlaman Ard Lomáin The high place of Loman
Ballinena Baile an Aonaigh The town of the assembly
Ballinvulla Baile an Mhuilinn The town of the mill
Ballyane Baile Uí Éidhin The town of Ó hÉidhin
Ballydoorlis Béal Átha Durlais Fordmouth of the oaken enclosure
Ballyegny Baile Éignigh The town of Éigneach
Ballyegna More as above  
Ballykenry Baile an Chaonraígh The town of An Caonraíoch
Ballykealy Baile Uí Chadhla The town of Ó Cadhla
Ballylin Baile Uí Fhloinn The town of Ó Floinn
Ballyloughnaan Baile Uí Locháin The town of Ó Lachnáin
Ballymackesy Baile Uí Mhacasa The town of Ó Macasa
Ballyneety Baile an Fhaoitigh The town of An Faoiteach
Ballyvoghan Baile Uí Bhuacháin The town of Ó Baucháin
Bauraneag Barr an Fhiaigh The high ground of the hunting
Cahernagh Ceatharnach Meaning uncertain
Carrons Na Cairne The heaps
Clonagh Cluain Each Meadow of the steeds
Coolcappa Cúil Cheapach Corner of the tillage plots
Cooltomin Cúil Toimín The corner of Toimín
Coolybrown Cúil an Bhrúnaigh The corner of An Brúnach
Corbally An Corrbhaile The noticeable town
Creeves An Chraobh The tree
Deelish Duílis Black enclosure
Dooncaha Dún Catha Fort of the battle
Dunmoylan Dún Maolín The fort of Maoilín
Glendiheen Gleann Daibhchín Glen of the small vat
Gortnadromin Gort na Dromann The field of the ridge
Gortroe An Gort Rua The red field
Grouselodge Lóiste na gCearc Fraoigh Meaning uncertain
Kerrikyle Ceithre Choill Four woods
Kilcolman Cill Cholmáin The church of Colmán
Kilquane Cill Chuáin The church of Cuán
Kilscannell Cill Scannail The church of Scannal
Knockbweeheen Cnoc Baoithín The hill of Baoithín
Lisbane An Lios Bán The white enclosure
Lisgordan Lios Cordáin The enclosure of Cordán
Lissatotan Lios an Tóiteáin The enclosure of the conflagration
Moneymohill Muine Maothail Thicket of the soft ground
Moyreen Maigh Roighean The plain of Roighin
Park An Pháirc The field
Rathgoonan Ráth Ó gCuanáin The rath of Uí Chuanáin
Rathnagore Ráth na gCorr The rath of the herons
Rathreagh Beg An Ráth Riabhach Bheag The small streaked rath
Riddlestown Baile an Ridéalaigh The town of An Ridéalach


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