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Our Lady Queen of Peace church
© Our Lady Queen of Peace Church

Canon Rice opened Our Lady Queen of Peace church on December 8th 1942. The architect was Mr Edward F. Ryan and the builders were Messers. Molloy & Sons. The church cost £10,400.

Following the renovation of the church, Bishop Murphy and Fr Gerard Enright P.P opened the new extension in May 1965. According to a plaque situated behind the reredos, the architects were John Thompson & Assoc. and the builder was Thomas Hayes. The extension is in the shape of a polygon. Two extensions to the sanctuary were completed in 1982.

Altar in Our Lady Queen of Peace Church
© Altar in Our Lady Queen of Peace Church

Some of the columns in the church were removed to improve the visibility from the aisles. Under the direction of the engineer Michael Punch:

"[T]runcated single pillars were put in place of the pillars removed and where stress was greatest. The shortened pillars then carried the weight of these trusses and the latter were post-tensioned, in position, to carry the weight of the side-walls of the church".
(Murphy, E. J., History, Art & Architecture of the Places of Worship in Limerick City)

Inside the church on the left, there is a plaque to Fr Patrick Houlihan who was curate from 1962 to 1975 and parish priest from 1975 until his death in 1985. Near this plaque, there is a picture of Our Lady of Perpetual Succour. At the back of the church on the right, there is a painting of the Sacred Heart and St Anthony.

Statue of St Joseph  Statue of Our Lady and Child
© Statue of Our Lady and Child

The cross over the marble high altar, shows Christ crucified and risen and was made by Br. Benedict Tutty, a Benedictine monk in Glenstal Abbey, in Murroe, Co. Limerick. Behind the high altar, there is a photograph of Pope John Paul II.

Stations of the Cross
© Stations of the Cross

There is a statue of St Joseph the worker on the right of the nave, and a statue of the Madonna and Child on the left-hand side. Bill Hanley and his wife Mary donated the statues of the Madonna and Child and St Joseph. These statues originally came from Oberammergau in Germany.

The statue of the Madonna and Child is in memory of Fr P. J. Lyons who was the first curate in the parish in 1962 when it was formed.

Stained Glass Window in Our Lady Queen of Peace Church
© Stained Glass Window

The Baptismal font is on the right hand side of the church. The Stations of the Cross were donated in memory of Fr Robert O'Sullivan PP. The stained glass windows behind the altar represent the four Evangelists.

The windows on the right hand side on the church depict the symbol of the bull (Luke) and the phoenix (John) while on the left hand side, the windows show the an angel (Matthew) and the lion (Mark). The other windows are from the 1960s and are of a plain design.

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