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The parish of Kildimo/Pallaskenry is in the barony of Kenry. The present day parish is made up of what were once the parishes of Kildimo, Ardcanny and Chapelrussell. Chapelrussell parish was once called Killuragh, Killenalotar or Killulta.

The name Kildimo comes from the Irish Cill Díoma, meaning the church of St Díoma. The old people of the parish used to pronounce the name 'Kildeema'. According to Mainchín Seoige, St Díoma is said to have flourished in the second half of the 5th century. He was reputedly of royal stock, the son of Cas, king of Munster, and an uncle of St Munchin, patron of the diocese of Limerick. His feastday is May 12th.

Pallaskenry comes from the Irish Pailís Chaonraí meaning 'The Pallisaded Fortress of Kenry'. The Caonraí were a Celtic tribe who occupied this part of Limerick in the remote past, who gave their name to the barony of Kenry.

Kildimo village once centred on the area now known as Old Kildimo, about a mile south of the present day village. However, with the construction of the N69 from Limerick to Tralee the present day village, known as New Kildimo, began to rise up. New Kildimo used to be called 'The Line' after the road on which it grew up.

There are several castles in the area, including Cullam castle, Ballyculhane castle and Dromore castle. Dromore castle is unusual in that it was built late in the 19th century in the style of a fairytale castle.

There have been a few interesting finds in the area, including the Shannongrove Collar which was found at a depth of 12feet in a bog on lands granted to Phineas Bury during Cromwellian plantations. A bone crucifix was found around the 1950's at Dog's Island, the boggy ground between Dromore Lake and a very small lake east of it.

In 1922 the Salesians of Don Bosco bought land from George Caulefield and set up an agricultural college. Along with the agricultural college, there is also a secondary school in the college.

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