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English Name Irish Name Meaning
Adamstown Baile Adaim The town of Adam
Athaneasy Áth na nDéise The ford of Na Déise
Ballincurra Baile an Churraigh The town of the wet land
Balline Baile Fhaghain The town of Faghan
Ballinvana Baile an Mhághúnaigh The town of An Mághúnach
Ballinvreena Baile an Bhrianaigh The town of An Brianach
Ballycullane Baile Uí Chathláin The town of Ó Cathlain
Ballygrennan Baile Uí Dhroighneáin The town of Ó Droighneáin
Bawnagh Bánach Meaning uncertain
Bishopsfield Páirc an Easpaig The field of the Bishop
Bulgaden Builgidín Meaning uncertain
Bulgaden Eady Builgidín Éide Meaning uncertain
Cush An Chois The foot
Darranstown Baile an Dioróntaigh The town of An Dioróntach
Emlygrennan Imleach Dhraighnín Marginal land of the small blackthorn
Fantstown Baile an Fhóntaigh The town of An Fóntach
Gibbonstown Baile Ghiobúin The town of Giobún
Gormanstown (Grady) Baile Uí Ghormáin The town of Ó Gormáin
Gormanstown (Philips) as above  
Kilbreedy Major Cill Bhríde The church of Brid
Kilbreedy East as above  
Kilbreedy West as above  
Kilmurry Cill Mhuire The church of Mary Magdalene
Magherareagh An Machaire Riabhach The streaked plain
Martinstown Baile Mháirtín The town of Máirtín
Stephenstown Baile Stiofáin The town of Stiofán
Stookeens Na Stuaicíní Meaning uncertain
Teermore Tír Mhór Big district
Tullyleak Tulaigh Leac Hillock of flagstones


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