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Front of Bulgaden Church, including a new section of the graveyard
© Front of Bulgaden Church,
including a new section of the graveyard

The burial ground in the churchyard has recently been expanded to include the land at the front of the church. Throughout the parish there are a number of graveyards.

Kilbreedy East Graveyard
© Kilbreedy East graveyard

The graveyard in Kilbreedy East is well maintained by a local committee and mass is said there once a year. The graveyard is in the same location as the church ruin in Kilbreedy. There is a tomb to John Clifford C.C. who died on December 31st 1846 at the age of 26. The oldest headstone that we came across was from 1748 and is in memory of James McGuirc who died on August 7th in that year aged 72 years.

Emlygrennan Graveyard
© Emlygrennan Graveyard

The graveyard in Emlygrennan is also situated in the grounds of a church ruin, near St. Molua's well. The oldest headstone that we discovered was in memory of John O'Grady who was from Martinstown and died on April 26th 1838. Some of the headstones were indecipherable due to erosion.

Athanacy Graveyard
© Athanacy graveyard

Athnassey (or Athanacy as it was spelt at the entrance) graveyard is near the border that divides the dioceses of Limerick and Cashel & Emly. Trees and a wall enclose the graveyard. The oldest headstone that we found dated from June 1st 1790 and was erected to the memory of Patrick Casey by his wife Catherine.

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