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Ardpatrick graveyard
© Ardpatrick graveyard

Ardpatrick graveyard is located on top of the hill of Ardpatrick. It surrounds the ruins of the old church. This is the only graveyard in the parish, and is still in use to the present day. From the graveyard it is possible to see for miles into the surrounding countryside.

The oldest headstone that we found in the graveyard was in memory of Edward Fitzgibbon who died on the 6th of May 1772, aged 42. Other headstones in the graveyard appeared to be much older, but unfortunately these were illegible. In his book 'Ardpatrick', Fr John Fleming states that the oldest headstone in this graveyard dates from 1763, and is in memory of John Leo, who died on June 27th of that year aged 27.


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