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Cross in new graveyard
© Cross in new graveyard in Abbeyfeale
New Graveyard
© New graveyard in Abbeyfeale

A new graveyard has been opened just outside Abbeyfeale town on the road to Mountcollins. This graveyard has been open for approximately thirty years.

Old Graveyard
© Old Graveyard in Abbeyfeale

The graveyard just off the square in Abbeyfeale surrounds the ruins of the Abbey. The soil in the graveyard is very dry and when the graveyard was being constructed, soil had to be brought in to help in the construction of the graveyard. At present, locals are involved in doing up the graveyard.

Fr Thomas O'Neill was buried in the graveyard in Abbeyfeale in 1813 but no headstone was placed on his grave.

There are a number of tombs in the graveyard, many of which bear the name Harnett. The Harnetts came from a place called the Grove, and used to have a mill in the town. Their wealth probably accounts for the large number of tombs in their name.

There is also a tomb that is placed where the middle of the church used to be. The tomb is to the memory of Mulcahy from Newmarket in Co. Cork.

The oldest headstone that we came across in the graveyard at the abbey was in memory of Dominic Sheahan, who died in 1760.

According to Westropp, there was also a Killeen in Abbeyfeale.

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