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Year Parish Priest Curate(s)
1974 Clement Lavery  
1975 Clement Lavery  
1976 Clement Lavery  
1977 Clement Lavery  
1978 Clement Lavery  
1979 Clement Lavery  
1980 Killian Dwyer  
1981 Killian Dwyer  
1982 Killian Dwyer  
1983 Killian Dwyer  
1984 Killian Dwyer  
1985 Killian Dwyer  
1986 Brian Reynolds  
1987 Brian Reynolds  
1988 Brian Reynolds  
1989 Hugh Costello  
1990 Hugh Costello  
1991 Hugh Costello Walter Hegarty
1992 Hugh Costello Walter Hegarty
    Declan Gowen
1993 Maurice Fearon Walter Hegarty
    Declan Gowen
1994 Maurice Fearon Walter Hegarty
    Declan Gowen
1995 Maurice Fearon Walter Hegarty
    Declan Gowen
1996 Donal Mac Suibhne Walter Hegarty
    Declan Gowen
1997 Donal Mac Suibhne Walter Hegarty
    Declan Gowen
1998 Donal Mac Suibhne Declan Gowen
1999 Dermot Brennan Declan Gowen
    Noel Meade
2000 Dermot Brennan Declan Gowen
    Donal Mehigan
2001 Dermot Brennan Donal Mehigan
2002 Dermot Brennan  
2003 Dermot Brennan  
2004 Dermot Brennan Br. James Ryan (Asst.)
2005 Dermot Brennan  
2006 Dermot Brennan Joe Bulman
2007 James Donleavy Joe Bulman

The list of Priests from 1704 to 1836 is compiled from information gained in Begley's History of the Diocese of Limerick Vol. III page 598. The remaining years are compiled from the Catholic Directories. Information contained in a directory of any given year refers to what happened the previous year, For example if a priest is recorded in the 1954 directory as being in a particular parish, this would mean that he was actually there in 1953.


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