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Effin Church

Effin Church
© Effin Church

Fr David Nagle built the present church of Effin in 1835-6. On his death in 1847, he was buried in the church. The church was renovated thirty years ago.

There is an impressive statue of the crucifixion on the right-hand side, at the entrance to the church. Michael Rea donated this statue.

Altar in Effin Church
© Altar in Effin Church

On the opposite side, there is a shrine to Our Lady. A plaque within the church states that Denis McNamara donated the altar.

Buried in the grounds of the church are:

  Canon Michael J. Quinlan, Died Sept. 28th 1966, Age 68
  Canon Patrick J. Bluett, Died Mar. 21st 1991
  Patrick C. Riordan, (native of the parish), P.P. Mexborough, Yorkshire
  Patrick S. Carroll, C.C. in Dublin, Died 23rd Sept. 1943, Age 28
  Canon Robert Fitzgerald, P.P. for 13 years, Died 26 Mar. 1930, Age 67
  James O'Carroll, Adm., St John, Died 25th Dec. 1932
  William J. Higgins, P.P. for 25 years, Died Feb. 2nd 1917, Aged 80
  Edmond Clifford, P.P. Monagea, Died 21st June 1924
  James Moloney, P.P. 1948-57, Died 25th Oct. 1957, Aged 74

Effin Church | Garrienderk Church | Church Ruins

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