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Introduction to Coolcappa-Kilcolman   Coolcappa-Kilcolman   Coolcappa Church


Kilcolman, sometimes spelt Kilcoleman, is situated on the R521 from Ardagh to Shanagolden. In some old manuscripts, it was referred to as Kilcoleman Inferior.

Part of the present day parish used to be called Nantenan. The parish was also called Kilbroderan, which consisted of both Coolcappa and Kilcolman. According to Begley, the parish of Coolcappa was made up of parts of the pre-Reformation parishes of Rathronane, Clounagh, Kilscannell, Kilbradran, Kilcolman and Dunmoylan.

The name Coolcappa is derived from the Irish Cúil Cheapach meaning the 'corner of the tillage plots'. Kilcolman is derived from Cill Cholmáin which means 'the church of Colman'.

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Introduction to Coolcappa-Kilcolman      Coolcappa Church