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Coolcappa graveyard
© Coolcappa graveyard

Coolcappa cemetery is located beside the church in Coolcappa and was opened around the same time that the present church was built.

Kilbraden graveyard
© Kilbraden graveyard

The graveyard in Kilbradran is situated at the roadside and the church ruin is also on the site. The oldest headstone that we found in the graveyard at Kilbradran was in memory of Thomas Madigan who died on the 15th of September 1788, at the age of 24. We also came across a headstone that was dedicated to Fr Patrick Murray who was parish priest in Ardagh and died on October 11th 1811. The graveyard is well maintained and mass is said here on the first Sunday in July.

Kilcolman graveyard - new section
© Kilcolman graveyard
Kilcolman graveyard - Old section

Part of the grounds of the old Kilcolman church is now used as a graveyard and some of the headstones date back to before the nineteenth century. The oldest headstone that we came across was from February 1st 1767 in memory of Jeremiah Shea. Mass is held in the graveyard each November for the souls of the dead. The graveyard in Kilcolman was recently extended with the addition of a new section.

Clonagh graveyard
© Clonagh graveyard

There is also a graveyard in Clonagh. This graveyard is situated in the grounds of the church ruin in Clonagh. The graveyard was cleaned up last summer. The oldest headstone that we came across was in memory of Daniel Culhane who died on May 20th 1785 aged 70.

Westropp also mentions a burial ground or a Kyle in Gortadroma. However, no trace remains of this graveyard.

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